Kalvarayan Hills

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The Kalrayan Hills are a major range of hills situated in the Eastern Ghats of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Along with the Pachaimalai, Javadi, and Shevaroy hills, they separate the Kaveri River basin to the south from the Palar River basin to the north. The hills range in height from 2000 feet to 3000 feet and extend over an area of 1095 square kilometers.

The hills straddle a number of Tamil Nadu districts, extending northeast from the Salem District. The range serves as a boundary between the Salem and Villupuram districts. The Kalrayans are divided into two sections — the northern section, referred to as the Chinna (“little”) Kalrayans, and the southern section, called the Periya (“big”) Kalrayans. The Chinna Kalrayans average 2700 feet in height, while the Periya Kalrayans average 4000 feet.

The range as a whole is fairly smooth, with soil well-suited for plant growth. Scrub reach up to 400 metres in altitude, while deciduous forests can be found between above 800 metres. Sholas, a type of high-altitude stunted evergreen forest, can be found growing on isolated plateaus. Though the forest stand is growing, due to “habitat uniqueness, human impacts and cultural tradition,” conservation efforts are needed.

The Gomukhi dam, Megam Falls and Periyar falls at the foothills are the kind of places that give you the kind of feeling you get when you splash cold, flower scented water on your face on a hot summer’s day. Adventure Lovers and Trekkers will sure like Kalrayan Hill. These hills offer a temperate climate and a peaceful atmosphere. There is a beautiful botanical garden on the hills.

The tribal communities make for wonderful observations. Large part of the hill range is still unexplored and untouched except for a few secluded tribal settlements. Kallakurichi is the nearest city about 56 KMs from Kalrayan Hills while Salem is about 70 KMs

How to Reach:

By Air

Get down at Chennai Airport. From Chennai, Bus or Train Facilities can be availed to reach Kallakurichi. Local transport from Kallakurichi can be avail to reach this Place.

By Train

Trains from Chennai to Salem via Chinnaselam are available. Get down at Chinnaselam. Travel by bus upto Kallakurichi and to Kalrayan hills

By Road

Buses from Chennai to Kallakurichi or Chennai to Salem via Kallakurichi are available. From Kallakurichi to Kalrayan hills bus facilities available.