Aadhi Thiruvarangam

Category Religious

Main Deity : Ranganatha Swamy(Lord Vishnu).

Ambal : Rangavalli Thayar.

Holy Water : Chandra Pushkarani, Thenpennai river.

Temple Timings : 6.00 am to 8.00 pm.

Temple Festivals : Saturdays of Purarttasi, pournami and Vaikunda Ekadasi.

Prominence of the Shrine : The 108 Divya Desams are popular. More popular and Ancient than that there is Utharangam alias Aadhirangam alias Aadhi Thiruvarangam. It is because Aadi Thiruvarangam is established on the first incarnation of Vishnu. Srirangam is next to the Aadi Thiruvarangam told quite commonly in this region.

Temple History : A Demon called somugan Who belonged to the asura pedigree obtained immortality and many booms by performing rigorous penance. He possessed the arrogance and the brutality like Asuras. He wanted to bring the earth and the Heaven under his control and make the sages and the devas serve him in obedience. He vanquished the earth and the heaven and made the sages and the devas his slaves and ordered them to obey him. He imprisoned Brahma and seized the Veda Mandras from him. Brahma, Devars and the sages went to Sri Narayanan (Vishnu) and prayed him to protect them by quelling somugan. Narayan went to fight somugan. A terrific war broke out between them. Somugan exhausted all his magical tricks and became tired. He feared that Narayanan would killed him if he stayed there anymore. He went insdie sea and hide themself. Sri Narayanan quelled somugan by taking the incarnation of ‘Mathsya’ and retrieved the Vedas. The Devas and the Sagas became elated and worshipped Sri Narayanan at Utharangam.

Nearest Town : Villupuram.

Location : Thiruvarangam is between Thiruvannamalai amd Manalurpet. It is also between Thirukoilur and Manalurpet. From Manalurpet ,mini bus,auto,van can be engaged. Government buses are also available.

Address : Sri Aadhi Thiruvarangam Perumal Temple, Aadhi Thiruvarangam 605 802, Kallakurichi District

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How to Reach:

By Air

Get down at Chennai Airport. From Chennai, Bus or Train Facilities can be availed to reach Tirukoilur. From Tirukoilur Bus facility available to reach this Place.

By Train

Train facility from Chennai to Viluppuram is available. From Viluppuram, train facility available up to Tirukoilur. Avail local transport to reach this temple

By Road

Bus facility from Chennai to Tirukoilur is available and get Manalurpet bus from Tirukoilur. Avail local transport to reach this temple